Ironman World Champion Wheels Review (HADRON Ultimate 800)

Triathlete Magazine took a close look at the Ironman World Champion Aero Wheels of Patrick Lange. Read the entire review in "The Championship Issue":

"Constructed in partnership with DT Swiss, using aerodynamic principles from F1 race cars, the Hadrons are a deep 80mm carbon clincher that tips the scales at 1,727g for the set. According to Swiss Sdie, these wheels perform best with high yaw angles - around 17 degrees - meaning they are faster with a moderate side wind. We also found them to be some of the most stable wheels in crosswinds at this depth, so it's no surprise these are an excellent choice for the blustery lava fields of Kona - or those nightmare conditions at your "A" race."

Thu, Aug 30, 18

NEW HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheelset test & review

Pushing Limits tested our new HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheels for over 1000km and was impressed by "THE NEXT STEP" of the new wheel generation! 

+ Attention to each small detail on the wheel

+ High quality with DT Swiss components (hubs and spokes)

+ Tubeless-ready system works great 

+ New valve sticker 

+ Taking into account rotational drag with perfectly placed nipples

+ Slightly stiffer compared to 2017 collection 

+ Great handling 

+ Stability of wheelset

+ Pleasant sound when riding

+ Excellent price 

Verdict: A truly great wheelset that is lots of fun riding! Top aerodynamic performance, high quality and with DT Swiss components. You would not want anything more from a new set of aero wheels! 

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Fri, May 11, 18

New HADRON Ultimate 800 - Test Review

Check out the new Triathlon Magazine with a product review on the NEW HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheels.

"The new HADRON Ultimate 800 aero wheel set, prooved to be very fast and stable during our test rides. After two month of riding the wheels they still look brand-new. The braking performance in wet weather, due to the carbon surface, is average. But there is also a disc brake version available. Interesting: You can mix and match the different rim depths. Also check out the HADRON Classic version of this wheel set, which is EUR 500 less expensive."

"Verdict after 1500km: A great wheel set with all options. Made in Europe!" 


Tue, Mar 06, 18

Long term test of HADRON Ultimate 800+ Aero Wheels

Jan Peiniger, triathlete, outdoor enthusiast, tech-nerd and star blogger tested the Swiss Side HADRON 800+ aero wheels for an entire year and wrote an extensive long term test report about the wheels.

Jan recommends the Swiss Side wheels to anyone that is interested in a high-end wheel set: "I only have good things to say about the HADRON Ultimate 800+ wheel set after riding them for an entire year. The wheels feel great and made it possible for me to finish the Ironman in Köln under 10 hours. Even in windy and difficult conditions the wheels stay very stable and manageable. You cannot go wrong with Swiss Side aero wheels. The price - performance is outstanding!" 

Read the detailed report in German on

Tue, Oct 03, 17

Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800+ longterm test

Excellent verdict after the tri2b longterm test. "Great package, great look and awesome sound. I am really happy with the HADORN Ultimate 800+ areo wheels and I am looking forward to the next race", says tester Peter Nowak. He will be racing with the Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 800+ on Oct. 14th 2017 at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. 

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Fri, Feb 17, 17


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