New HADRON Classic 485 Aero Wheelset Test & Review

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
March 12, 2018

A team of RoadBIKE editors tested the Swiss Side HADRON Classic 485 Aero Wheelset over the last couple of months. They reported excellent smooth riding ability and perfect wheel stiffness (103 respectively 108 Nm/°). The RoadBIKE editors came to unanimous opinion: The wheels are highly stable which constantly leads to a lot of speed.

 Lukas Hoffmann brought the wheels to his training camp on Gran Canaria. As a mountain biker, he is a big fan of disc brake wheels. Riding on narrow snake coverd roads, he was pleasantly surprised by the great braking performance of the HADRON Classic 485 rim brake wheels. 

"Of course, you are able to brake later with a disc brake wheel, but the new Swiss Side HADRON Classic rims with Swissstop carbon brake pads, have a great braking performance,” says Hoffmann. “At any time, braking feels in control and safe, it doesn’t matter if you brake slowly or in a more aggressive manner.”

 He went on to explain that the acceleration is good, even for wheels that were made for lightweight riders, they feel a bit more agile. He also noted that the strength of the HADRON Classic 485 really shines at high-speed. "If the wheels are rolling, it feels like nothing is going to stop them. I was literally flying over the wavy coast roads of Gran Canaria. They deliver a true all-round wheel set that is amazingly fun to ride,” concluded Hoffmann. 

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Longterm test and race tests will follow in the next weeks. Stay tuned.