Swiss Side Aero Tip - Hydration System

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
May 11, 2020

The most important thing when it comes to hydration systems and aerodynamics is that the hydration system is mounted on the frontend of the bike. It doesn’t have to be a fully integrated system, a simple clip-on hydration system on the aerobar extensions will do, too. What’s important is to be able to stay in aero position whilst drinking.
That way you maximize your aero performance all the way along the racecourse.The best place to store your gels is to mix them with some water and put them in an aero bottle on the downtube. But whatever you do, don’t put a round bottle on the downtube. That will cost you around 3 or 4 watts at 35 km/h.
For the rest of your hydration, e.g. when you collect a spare bottle in the transition zone or in the refreshment area, the best place to put them is behind the seat, because behind your back you got a big area of turbulence separated air. And in this position, bottles will cost you nothing in terms of aerodynamics. Just make sure to mount them as close to the seat as possible.