Swiss Side Aero Tip - Choosing the right rim depth

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
July 27, 2020

The rim depth is a decisive factor when it comes to aerodynamics. If you want the absolute maximum in aero performance, then go for a Swiss Side 800 front and rear. Why? Because That will give you the most sailing effect, i.e. the most forward thrust that these wheels produce when there is wind. But they are also the most difficult to handle if there is a lot of wind. That might make you leave the aero position – and loose some aerodynamic edge because of riding upright causes a lot of drag.

So, if it is windier or if you are a lighter weight rider who tends to get blown around easily by the wind or if you feel less confident in windy condition, then you want to go for a smaller rim section, e.g. our 625 or even 485 depths. Our most recommended, most sold combination is a 625 wheel at the front and an 800 wheel at the rear. The reason for this is that you get up to 98 % of the maximum performance that you get out of the 800 set, but with around 20 percent less sensitivity to the gusty winds on the front end. Therefore, this is a setup that most riders can handle in pretty much any conditions. If you want a wheel set that you can handle even better in really stormy conditions, then go for a 485 front with a 800 rear.