Swiss Side Aero Tip - Helmet Choice

posted by Delia Zollinger
February 28, 2022

TRUE OR FALSE: Aero helmets are faster than classic road helmets

No surprise Sherlock, this one is TRUE. And there are watts to be gained whether you are in a road race or a time trial.

The difference between an aero-road helmet and a standard road helmet is around 6W at 45km/h (3W @35km/h).

Comparing a time trial helmet to a standard road helmet, the difference is superior to 10W at 45km/h (>5W @35km/h). This is of course providing the helmet fits you correctly and you can hold your aero position comfortably for longer durations. If you are wearing a helmet with a tail that sticks up in the air because it doesn’t suit your body position on the bike, or you move around too much, advantages will be negated.

The heat that accumulates under a helmet has been a question in hotter races, but properly designed aero helmets (TT or aero-road) can also offer the same cooling as a standard helmet. So a good aero helmet does not need to be a compromise on cooling.