Swiss Side Aero Tip - Size Matters

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
September 14, 2021
TRUE OR FALSE: The deeper the aero wheels, the faster the bike

This is TRUE but can be FALSE in certain conditions

TRUE. Deeper aero wheels, if designed correctly like at Swiss Side, will have lower drag and more sailing effect. So they will be faster. However if the wind is too strong, they can become a penalty…

FALSE. If a rider cannot hold their aero position because there is too much wind and the front wheel is not controllable, then they would be much faster with a shallower front wheel. The athlete represents approximately 75% of the total aerodynamic drag, so the first priority is always to ensure that the athlete can remain in their aero position, and on the power all the time. If you are fighting to keep your wheels steady throughout the race, your bigger rims will not be helping in the slightest.