The podcast that makes you faster!

posted by Carina Profunser
April 27, 2023

In our Swiss inSide podcast on air - on aero, Jean-Paul Ballard and Daniel Welsch provide you with tips and tricks on how to be faster and more aero on your bike.


Episode 3 focuses on improving performance through aerodynamic optimization of equipment and the importance of yoga in cycling. Examples are given of watt savings from equipment upgrades and leg shaving. Furthermore, they are talking about Patrick Lange's custom cockpit made by Swiss Side which provided a two-fold advantage in aero gains and energy savings, which helped him break the Kona run course record.


Episode 4 answers the question: "Aero vs weight. -Both save watts, but which delivers the biggest gains?"

Swiss Side engineering team's study for Global Cycling Network compares aero vs weight's effects on three course types. Results reveal which setup was faster and the wind's impact on them. Adding weight with more aero components can make you faster according to Jean-Paul Ballard.