The Tyre Factor

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
June 15, 2017

Swiss Side has spent a lot of time investigating tyre performance because this is extremely important. 

Choosing a tyre which provides the best aerodynamic performance is a priority. Clinchers perform better than tubular tyres. The sidewall profiling on the tyre is actually very important due to a complex aeroydynamic effect called the “boundary layer transition.” According to our testing, the best aerodynamic tyre on the market right now is the Continental GP 4000s II 23c. The worst aerodynamic tyres are smooth with no sidewall tread. Clincher tubeless tyres offer lower rolling resistance than clincher tyres with tubes. This is important because power is power whether that is aerodynamic drag power or rolling resistance power. The best tubeless tyre we have measured in the wind tunnel is the Schwalbe Pro One 25c. Interestingly, the 25c has the same aerodynamic performance as the Schwalbe Pro One 23c, but with lower rolling resistance.