Aerodynamics in Cycling - JP's Podcast Series with Endurance Innovation

posted by Delia Zollinger
May 04, 2022


Some of our athletes are currently in St. George (USA), to compete in the IRONMAN World Championships this weekend. This time, they are not the only members of the Swiss Side Team abroad: in fact, Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side's CEO, is also on site.

While being overseas, JP had the opportunity to sit down with the team at Endurance Innovation to explain why F1 engineers make the best cycling nerds, talk about our company's approach to optimizing bike aerodynamics and the challenges of getting it right.

As the first episode was recorded precisely on Earth day, our CEO did not forget to mention why Swiss Side was ultimately created: to contribute to a bright future for clean and sustainable mobility. Tune in and dive deep into the world of cycling aerodynamics with us!