Andi Dreitz secures spot for Ironman World Championships in Kona 2021

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
November 09, 2020

Race summary from Team Andi Dreitz:

"Finally, Andi was able to finish his first long distance race this season and he immediately got his slot for the Ironman World Championships 2021!

After a good swim in the group 0:50min behind Brent McMahon Andi tried to play a key role in the race right from the beginning. After approx.15km he took the lead of the race and tried to distance the competitors. Unfortunately, Sam Long only shared the work in the lead after being prompted to. The later winner of the race, Chris Leiferman, was riding quite conservative before he took the initiative and splitted the group at the end of the bike leg. Andi lost a couple of seconds on the last km and started the run with a deficit of 1:30min in second place.

After quite a solid beginning he had to pay tribute to the hot conditions in the remaining of the run. With the risk of cramping at every step Andi needed to let Matt Hanson (2) pass at km 28 and afterwards also Sam Long (3). He kept fighting to the end and secured himself the last Kona Slot which is a big advantage planning the next year.

Chris Leiferman won in 07:52:44 with Mann Hanson on second (07:55:02) and Sam Long in third (07:55:33).

„I am very happy about the early Qualification and even though my legs are hurting it is amazing to finally feel the exhaust after a long race again. You realise how much you missed racing“

Next up Andi is planning to start at Ironman 70.3 Texas in 2 weeks and afterwards to finish his season at the Challenge Daytona beginning of December."