Daniela Bleymehl wins IRONMAN South Africa 2022

posted by Delia Zollinger
April 04, 2022

With being more than 11 minutes ahead of the field, professional triathlete Daniela Bleymehl secured her victory at IRONMAN Continental Championship Africa – and her qualification for the World Championships in Hawaii in October 2022.

The goal was clear: professional triathlete Daniela Bleymehl focussed on getting her "Ticket to Kona" at IRONMAN South Africa as early as possible in the season. And that's exactly what she achieved this Sunday – thanks to a dominant victory of the African Championship!

"Words cannot describe how happy I am. It will probably take a while to realize exactly what happened. But it feels great!", reports Daniela Bleymehl – of course overjoyed.

Congrats Daniela for the amazing performance!