posted by George Cant
February 27, 2023
As a part of the Instrumented Bike Project and their partnership with the Raelert Brothers, Swiss Side is taking CFD to new levels, never seen before, in the cycling industry. Andreas Raelert has been fully scanned and a complete CFD model is now part of their aerodynamic development arsenal. Swiss Side now releases images and a video showing the full ‘transient’ turbulent flow model of Andreas Raelert. This is another of Swiss Side’s highly advanced aerodynamic development tools aimed at helping the Raelert Brothers reach their goal of 2015 Ironman World Champions in Kona, Hawaii.

“Our Formula 1 derived CFD methods are more highly advanced than any other in the cycling industry”, says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side Technical Director. “Our turbulent flow simulations help us understand the essence of drag on the bike – rider system and how elements interact with each other in a more ‘real world’ simulation. We have applied this to the Raelert Brothers, and combining with our performance simulation, wind tunnel testing, and now the instrumented bike project, we are the first in the industry to truly link and correlate aerodynamic performance in such a detailed and realistic way.”

“Having a CFD model of me in my position on the bike is great,” says Swiss Side pro athlete and Ironman world record holder, Andreas Raelert. “Again it offers the chance to better understand my aerodynamics and to make me faster.”







Swiss Side encourages interested people to follow the project development through their social media networks for insider pictures, videos and information on this revolutionary system.
Stay tuned for more details on the Swiss Side Instrumented Bike Project over the next few weeks with a final complete report on the 14th of July.
Next week: Swiss Side & Raelert Brothers Take IB Project To The Wind Tunnel
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