Tech Talk Video: Wind tunnel testing with Team INEOS

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
July 03, 2019

Team INEOS and Swiss Side release a behind the-scenes view of their technical collaboration together on the development of the Virtual Pitwall simulation tool. As part of the development of this software, we take a look at the aerodynamic testing for collecting the required input data for the race simulations, as part of the preparations for the Tour de France. 

In this Tech-Talk video, take a peak behind the scenes of a wind tunnel test and learn insights from the experts at Swiss Side and Team INEOS, as well as the riders themselves.

The wind tunnel test centred around not only improving the rider’s setup but also in gathering the necessary data for the 'Virtual Pitwall’ performance simulation tool. With aerodynamic drag being the biggest resistance slowing down every rider, it is thereby by far the most important consideration for speed. Accurate aero characteristic inputs into the Virtual Pitwall is of utmost importance to determine the fastest race strategy. Furthermore, Swiss Side employed their new on-bike aero measurement technologies including their CdA-meter (aero drag measuring device) and pressure measurement rake. These technologies ensure accurate correlation between wind tunnel and the real world, as well as to measure the aerodynamics in a team time trial situation with multiple riders out on the road. 

“Swiss Side’s technical expertise from Formula 1 translated to the cycling world is second to none.“ says Dr. Scott Drawer, Team INEOS Technical Advisor. "Part of our relationship has been to access their impressive on-bike measurement tools which help translate the wind tunnel measurements to the real world. Our ability to learn from the wind tunnel and to take that out onto the road is key."  

Eddie Dunbar, Team INEOS Rider, adds: “One of the main things which has changed in cycling in the last 10 years is aerodynamics. New inventions and new technologies which help make the riders faster is top of the list. To have the support and the knowledge from Swiss Side behind us is really going to help us going forwards."

Swiss Side Co-Founder and CEO, Jean-Paul Ballard, says: “It’s a game of speed but also a game of efficiency, so better understanding where aerodynamic drag is coming from, better optimising the riders and their equipment, allows us quite simply to make the riders and the team as a whole, faster.“