With “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side”: Canyon Launches The Long Anticipated “Aeroad”

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
October 06, 2020

For multiple years, Swiss Side’s aero experts have been working closely together with Canyon to develop the new “Aeroad”. One of the most resource-intensive projects Canyon has ever undertaken. The result is the fastest complete system road-bike ever.

canyon aeroad, aeordynamics by swiss side

“In the Canyon “Aeroad” project, a complete system approach was taken together with the Canyon engineering team,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO and Co-founder of Swiss Side. “The target was clear; to develop the fastest overall bike, considering aerodynamics, ergonomics, stiffness and weight altogether.”

“At the highest level, true advances in aero are becoming harder to come by, yet Swiss Side has the experience, insight and tools to make real improvements,” says Sebastian Jadczak, Director of Road Development at Canyon. “It was fascinating to transfer their aero expertise into our design and engineering to develop the fastest race bike overall with the new Aeroad.

canyon aeroad, aerodynamics by swiss side

canyon aeroad, aerodynamics by swiss side

Most of the new Canyon “Aeroad” models are equipped with the brand-new DT Swiss ARC 1100/1400 DICUT aero wheels, which have also been aerodynamically developed by Swiss Side. The new wheel collection was launched together with Swiss Side’s own HADRON2 Ultimate aero wheel lineup just a few weeks ago.

Swiss Side constantly strives to learn, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of cycling performance. The Canyon “Aeroad” is the first of a number of “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side” collaborations which will be unveiled in the very near future... Stay tuned. 

Photos: Canyon and René Zieger

canyon aeroad, aerodynamics by swiss side