With “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side”: Canyon Launches The New “Speedmax”

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
November 17, 2020

Canyon and Swiss Side have left no stone unturned to create the fastest complete system triathlon bike ever. The result: The new Canyon “Speedmax” that is set to push the boundaries of what is possible in aero performance.

Canyon Speedmax with Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

The Canyon “Speedmax” project is a culmination of years of aerodynamics research and development. Swiss Side, as one of the world’s leading authorities in CFD analysis with a background in F1 racing, have been working closely together with Canyon, also with a number of common pro-triathletes, to understand the ultimate recipe for the fastest tri-bike.

Canyon Speedmax, Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

Thanks to the constant dialogue between engineers of Swiss Side and Canyon, aerodynamics were optimised while the bike’s great stiffness-to-weight ratio could be maintained to achieve the best overall system performance.

Canyon Speedmax, Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

“We had incredibly ambitious goals for the aerodynamic development of the bike. With the expertise and the technical resources Swiss Side possess, we developed a development process together which is the “next level” in our industry. Together, we succeeded in dramatically reducing the aerodynamic drag of the frameset. Without precision CFD analysis and wind tunnel validation these results would not have been possible in the time that we had,” says Wolfgang Kohl, “Speedmax” Development Engineer with Canyon.

The new Canyon “Speedmax” embodies very much the “complete system development approach” with internally integrated hydration and storage in the bike, as well as a highly adaptable cockpit to ensure every athlete can find their ideal position and be as aerodynamic as possible.

Canyon Speedmax, Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

„In the aero development, no stone was left unturned with exhaustive CFD and wind tunnel testing loops, to find the best concept to extract the maximum potential. The new “Speedmax” sets the new performance benchmark for triathlon bikes,“ says Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO and Co-founder of Swiss Side.

Swiss Side are experts in optimising aerodynamics, Canyon are experts in building the best bikes – this shared knowledge as well as state-of-the-art technologies led to many small, but clever aero optimisations, saving up to nine watts (incl. rider @45km/h) in comparison to the previous “Speedmax” model in the wind tunnel.

Canyon Speedmax, Aerodynamics by Swiss Side

The new Canyon “Speedmax” is the second project of Canyon and Swiss Side after the “Aeroad” earlier this year and one of the “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side” collaborations that aim at pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cycling performance.


Photos: Marcel Hilger, Athletes: Patrick Lange and Laura Philipp