GRAVON420 - TRIMAX Review (April 2022)

posted by Delia Zollinger
April 08, 2022

TRIMAX Magazine has tested the Swiss Side GRAVON420 Wheels, and has posted a full review (in French).


  • Set-up of the GRAVON420 wheels is quick and simple (<15 minutes).
  • The wheels are a pleasure to ride: the stiffness of the wheels and the softness of the tyres compensate each other very well, making it a smooth ride. 
  • Great grip is generated when riding with a low-pressured tyre. 
  • Great quality of the hubs.
  • The GRAVON420 is a great choice for both a race or a leisure ride.
  • Classy look, along with great performance. 


If you already own a gravel bike, a pair of GRAVON420 is the ideal upgrade to enhance the quality of your gravel riding!