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Your partner for engineering high-performance solutions.
We are the source of performance for aerodynamics & physics because our passion lies in the details of engineering high-performance systems.
We study what delivers speed & efficiency, and build products and processes to accomplish this.


Aerodynamics & Performance Consulting

  • Aero tests in the wind tunnel, on-road, and at the velodrome
  • Physics modelling and performance simulation
  • Aerodynamic development
  • Prototype and product development
  • Textiles and fabrics R&D
  • Specialised in aerodynamic development for sports and low speed aerodynamics applications

Engineering Design

  • Aerodynamic shape optimisation for products
  • Bicycles & cycling equipment
  • Custom cockpits for time trial & triathlon
  • Specialised in aerodynamic product engineering for low speed aerodynamics applications

Digital Product Development & Consulting

  • Product concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development of Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Project management for agile product development
  • Specialised in product systems that include hardware, embedded software, and web platforms

"We are experts in evaluating an idea, coming up with a good concept and developing a minimum viable product."


Our know-how is based on cutting-edge internal R&D and deep experience in Formula 1, product development, and aero consulting.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations
  • Low speed aerodynamics applications
  • Wind Tunnel measurement
  • Aerodynamics of textiles and application in the real world

Engineering, Physics & Design

  • General 3D CAD (surface design and solid modelling)
  • Structural engineering (FEM)
  • Development of bespoke solutions and processes for aerodynamic applications
  • Physics modelling & simulation
  • Product design for production incl. traditional machining & additive manufacturing

Systems/Software Engineering

  • Embedded systems engineering (Electronics hardware & software)
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) & ANT+
  • Garmin IQ apps
  • Cloud native software (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Agile systems engineering
  • Measurement and data acquisition systems
  • Data science and data engineering


  • Small wind tunnel
  • Full size wind tunnel
  • Measurement systems
  • CFD simulation
  • Engineering design + FEM
  • Prototype production management

"We follow a holistic performance based design and development approach, bringing Formula One methods to your products."

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