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Aerodynamics and F1, Speed and Efficiency, Physics and Company Insights.
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Our new podcast dives deep into the insides of a young, highly innovative company, telling its secret stories, as it moves to becoming a well-established brand and innovator in the cycling industry.

Episode 1

In 2012 Jean-Paul Ballard created a company. Swiss Side was born. "My father had been a racing driver, and I got the chance to work on these cars. That helped me a lot in my further engineering career. After 14 years in Formula 1, all of a sudden it became a bit boring and I questioned it’s purpose. At that time the cycling industry in terms of aerodynamics was totally undeveloped. Aerodynamics was an expertise I had in abundance so we started, first with wheels and then with all sorts of things" - Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Side Technologies AG

But what do F1 and Mark Webber have to do with Swiss Side? We`ll talk about all that in our Swiss inSide Podcast.

Our creative mind Swiss inSide Podcast Hoster Daniel Welsch

As the hoster of our `on air - on aeroad´ podcast, Daniel is 100% in his element. Wheter it`s checking out the latest technologies in the cycling and triathlon industry, pondering questions about aerodynamics, or talking for hours about speed an efficiency, Daniel is our PRO when it comes to creative ideas that will fascinate you. Explore his Instagram, and YouTube channel, and don`t miss our podcast to find out what Swiss inSide is about.

We are giving our fans the chance to design their own paint decals for our Swiss Side athletes racing in Kona

Become the creator of the official decals on our athlete’s wheels at the World Championship in Kona Hawaii!

The winner’s design will be developed, printed, and pasted on the Swiss Side wheels during the Kona race.

The best designs will be chosen by our team at Swiss Side, and the winner of the contest will be voted by our social media followers and fans.

The winner’s design will also be sold as a limited-edition decal in our online shop.

The contest winner wins a pair of Swiss Side Hadron Classic of his/her choice


  1. Download the decals design sheet
  2. Be inspired by the Swiss Side core values ( aerodynamic, speed, Swiss precision) and Hawaiian vibes and draw digitally or manually the decals sheet following the design rules
  3. Send us your design proposal by E-mail at ; in the E-Mail Subject write “ Kona contest - Name, Surname, Country"
  4. You have time until August 14th 2022 for the design submission


  1. The top four decals styles will be selected by an internal Swiss Side technical jury.
  2. The criteria will be technical feasibility, beauty and the presence of Swiss side core values and Hawaiian vibes
  3. Last submission day is August 14th 2022, later submission won’t be accepted
  4. The winner’s decal style will be chosen on August 15th 2022 at 7 pm CET through an Instagram stories contest in which followers will
    decide the Winner’s style
  5. The contest winner wins a pair of Swiss Side Hadron Classic of his/her choice

Increase your winning chance by referring @Swissside Instagram profile to your friends