Team INEOS Swiss Side Collaboration

Official Race & Aerodynamics Simulation Partner

Swiss Side is the Official Race & Aerodynamics Simulation Partner of Team INEOS, enhancing the team’s performance strategy around racing, with a specific focus on time-based events. The performancestrategy covers everything that can have an impact on racing, including equipment choices, environmental conditions, road conditions, landscapes and physiological capabilities of individual and groups of riders.

Coupling aerodynamic measurements using Swiss Side’s CdA (aero drag) measurement device, aligned with multiple other data sources, all data is then fed back into the ‘virtual pitwall’ tool for determining the best possible setup and race strategy for any particular rider and event.

“Swiss Side are experts in the field of high performance engineeringand this partnership will allow us to continue to make positive forward-strides in our approach to race simulation and prediction. Getting the best out of our race strategy is key and the ‘virtual pitwall’ gives us the best possibility of finding an optimum strategy for time gains in all time-based race environments. We’re looking forward to working closely with Swiss Side to continue to get the best out of our riders, equipment selection and race conditions.”

Carsten Jeppesen
Team INEOS Head of Technical Operations

Teck Talk Video: Wind tunnel testing with Team INEOS

In this Tech-Talk video get an exclusive behind–the-scenes look at wind tunnel testing at Silverstone with Team INEOS.

The wind tunnel test centred around not only improving Eddie Dunbar and Filippo Ganna’s time trial setup but also gathering the necessary data for the Swiss Side Virtual Pitwall performance simulation tool using our revolutionary on bike measurement technology, such as our new pressure measurement rake.

Swiss Side Aero Preparation for Team INEOS Team Time Trial

Go behind the scenes of our collaboration with Team INEOS as we show the aero technologies we bring to make them faster: 
1. CFD
2. Wind tunnel
3. On-road aero testing
4, ‘Virtual Pitwall’ simulation tool. 

This is our 4-arm aero development process which we use to assess and calculate the ideal Team Time Trial setup and race strategy.