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Front Wheel
Swiss Side aerodynamic wheels all road
Rear Wheel
Swiss Side aerodynamic wheels all road

HADRON² All-Road

The answer to all-road cycling. Cobblestones, dirt, gravel, or silky smooth tarmac. The HADRON All-Road handles them all. The HADRON² All-Road is a high performance all-road carbon cycling wheel, at an accessible price, without compromise on quality.

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Rear Wheel Depth

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€ 794 Regular price € 1.134


Using the identical rim as the Ultimate model, the HADRON² All-Road is explicitly engineered for the challenges posed by the cobbles. Delivering the optimum performance with regards to rolling and roll-over resistance, aerodynamic drag, as well as robustness and stability with the hooked rim construction necessary for speed and safety. Your perfect partner for on and off the road.


Front wheel: 705 g
Rear wheel: 823 g


22mm inner rim width
28.5mm max. inner rim width


Model: DT aero comp® t-head, two-cross (1:1)
Material: Stainless steel
End type: T-head
Lacing: 2-cross


Model: Pro-lock hidden
Material: Aluminium
Length: 12mm


Bearing type: High end stainless steel bearings
Low friction thanks to single sided seals


Compatible with:

Shimano 10 - 13 speed, SRAM 10 & 11 speed freehub as standard

SRAM 12- and Campagnolo 10 - 13-speed groupset options available separately

Safety notice

The maximum total system weight (bike + rider) for the HADRON² All-Road disc brake wheelset is 120kg.

Axle size

Front: 12/100mm TA
Rear: 12/142mm TA

Tyres recommendation

All tyres from 25mm to 65mm can be used on this rim. We recommend using a 28mm to 34mm tyre. Please check User Manual for max. tyre pressure.


Rim tape pre-installed
Tubeless valve
Valve stickers

Not included:
Disc rotor
Brake pads
Trough axle

User manual

swiss side aerodynamic wheels allroad Review (Juni 2022)

A versatile allrounder

The team at tested the allrounder and wrote a detailed review on it.


  • They are light and stiff enough to be raced on
  • Capable of tackling smooth tarmac through to potholed back lanes, cobbles and even off-road sections such as byways or gravel tracks
  • They are sensibly priced 
  • With the right tyre fit, they feel very responsive.
  • Remain very much true even after 600 miles of testing on roads and trails.


The HADRON² All-Road took everything in their stride, not missing a beat throughout testing on rough sections of gravel, chalk and tarmac, and dry dirt.

Go check out the full review, and find out what makes our HADRON² All-Roads so great!

L'Acheteur Cycliste Review (April 2022)

Perfect for Paris-Roubaix

The team at L'Acheteur Cycliste has tested our HADRON² ALL-ROAD wheels and published a teaser-review (in French).

Here's a glimpse of what they have to say about them: 

"These wheels would fit the Paris-Roubaix perfectly. Super comfortable on the cobbles, they are very aerodynamic, which is important in case of a breakaway alone or with two riders on the long asphalt parts of the race. Their stiffness allows them to endure a group sprint."

swiss side aero wheel allroad
swiss side aerodynamic wheels allroad wheelset review

Roadbike Review (März 2022)

A modern wheelset


  • Easy mounting of tubeless tyres: the TLE tyres already inflated with a floor pump were quickly fitted into the rim and held the air very well.
  • There’s nothing to criticise when it comes to the wheels’ construction and stiffness: the hub is centred, and there’s no lateral or vertical runout.
  • In terms of lateral stiffness, stability and power transmission, Hadron² All-Road performs on a very high level.
  • The bearings of the DT Swiss 240 hubs run remarkably smoothly.
  • The rims make for a pleasant sailing effect – accompanied by a clearly audible noise, but the latter is never obtrusive.
  • In combination with tubeless tyres the result is a “smooth” ride that pleasantly combines aerodynamics and comfort.


This is a versatile, stiff, and modern-looking wheelset that pleasantly combines speed and damping and might be of interest for road cyclists as well as for long-distance enthusiasts and riders looking for adventure on changing terrain.

Free Shipping to EU, GB & CH on all orders over €500


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