HADRON² Classic Rear Wheel Rear Disc Test

EUR 750.59

The new benchmark for aero wheel performance at an affordable price! Using the identical aero rims as the HADRON² Ultimate for disc brake, but with more cost efficient DT Swiss 370 hubs and heavier gauge aero spokes, the HADRON² Classic offers a cost efficient aero wheel with all the aero benefits of the Ultimate but with an even stiffer construction at a significant cost saving. Compared to the original HADRON Classic, this latest HADRON² Classic rim shape reduces steering moment by a further 26% for increased stability in the windy and gusty conditions, whilst reducing the aero drag by 1 W. Compared to the HADRON² Ultimate: +0.5W aero drag (@35km/h), +170g weight increase per set (on average), + 12% stiffness, - EUR 300 price reduction, no compromise on quality. The highest performance value for money aero wheel set on the market. Incredible pricing assured through Swiss Side’s lean online-direct business model. Includes lifetime warranty.