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Ultimative Geschwindigkeit und Stabilität mit dem Continental AERO 111 Tire!

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Continental AERO 111 Tire

Specially designed aero cavities in the patented tread pattern function as vortex generators, creating turbulent airflow on the surface that enables the air to stick to the rim shape of the front wheel.

The result is a maximization of the sailing effect by delaying the flow separation from the rim, resulting in the ultimate aero wheel tire system. No matter if chasing personal bests, your friends or competing professionally, the lower drag and even further improved handling will push you to storm ahead.

TireAERO 111 700C X 26

CHF 114.00 UVP

The perfected storm

When Swiss Side's aero expertise, Continental's tire know-how, and DT Swiss's wheel competence collide:

The result is the AERO 111 tire - a perfected storm, which enhances the aerodynamic performance of any wheel and significantly improves stability and handling in the wind.

Specially designed aero cavities in the patented tread pattern function as vortex generators, creating turbulent airflow on the surface that enables the air to stick to the rim shape of the front wheel.

AERO 111 Tire width

Two tire widths available

Ideal for our Aero and Endurance wheelsets in various rim heights, the AERO 111 front tire is available in widths of 26mm and 29mm.

If you like to save every watt to reach new top speeds, you will enjoy the low drag of the Aero WTS combined with the 26mm wide tire.

For those who like to rack up kilometers, the 29mm wide tire will help you save precious energy and keep on riding longer than ever.

VORTEX Generators

The tire certainly looks different: 48 little cavities are regularly distributed over its surface. We call them vortex generators as they are the very features that manage to control the turbulence in the airflow on the surface of the front wheel. Ultimately, this results in a perfected storm that allows for the reduction of drag of the entire wheel tire system.

Tire Technologies

Tubeless ready

The AERO 111 tire can be ideally set up in our tubeless ready rim beds, allowing the rider to run the tire at a lower pressure, improving both comfort and puncture resistance.


Continental’s Black Chili compound revolutionized the world of cycling tires. It is renowned for offering the perfect balance of grip and low rolling resistance. The tread compound utilizes the latest research in polymers, including specially developed ‘carbon black’ particles.


The Vectran™ Breaker sits beneath the tread and offers an unparalleled level of protection from sharp foreign objects. The multiple-thread yarn has a tensile strength five times higher than steel! This Breaker is lighter than a nylon equivalent whilst not affecting rolling resistance.

Aerodynamic drag - low speed

The AERO 111 is a tire like no other that operates on any wheel in any conditions delivering true quantifiable performance improvements.

The beauty of the AERO 111 tire is that it delivers a speed- independent sailing effect and handling improvement.

This means that the average rider at 30 km/h will benefit the most. We call this the «democratisation of wheel aero performance».

Aerodynamic drag - high speed

Aerodynamic drag - high speed

While our HADRON² Ultimate 625 wheels already have a strong aerodynamic performance, it is at yaw (cross-wind) angles greater than 10° that the wheel and tire system with the AERO 111 tire shine.

We can see from the red curve that the sailing effect (drag reduction) increases as the yaw angle goes beyond +/-10°.

Note that the AERO 111 Tire on this wheel produces thrust, so-called negative drag, beyond 13° yaw.

This turns into an overall faster wheel and tire system.

A perfected storm

AERO 111 - Jean Paul Ballard (CEO & co-founder, Swiss Side) and Simon Wassmer (Product Manager, DT Swiss) introduce the ultimate aero wheel tire system.

larry Warbasse swiss side

Tire test rider

Larry Warbasse

"I was lucky enough to test the Continental AERO 111 tire and what impressed me the most was how similar it felt in terms of handling to our GP5000 S TR, in fact if I didn’t look at the tire I would not have realized a difference at all, something that I think attests to its performance. It’s maintaining the gold standard performance we are used to in terms of grip, rolling resistance, and puncture protection."

Frequently asked questions

about the Continental AERO 111 Tire and the Swiss Side wheel tire system

With witch tube comes my wheel tire system?

At Swiss Side you have the possability to order your new wheels with the Continental AERO 111 Tire already pre-installed.

For all disc brake wheels this comes with a Continental TBU tube.

For all rim brake wheels this comes with a Continental race tube.

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