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Aero To Go

Fri, Apr 20, 18

The next wave of bike tech is right around the corner and the implications are going to be huge. Read what triathlete has to say in this months issue. .  

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Swiss Side AERO TIP - Bike/Wheel Interaction

Wed, Apr 11, 18

Swiss Side's technical director, Jean Paul Ballard answers the question: will a good set of aero wheels perform the same on any good bike?  

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Patrick Lange heads to Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria

Tue, Apr 10, 18

Swiss Side Pro Athlete and Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange kicks off his competition season on 21st April, at the Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria. Countryman Andi Boecherer and Patrik Nilsson from Sweden will join Patrick Lange at the start line of the beautiful but challenging race.   

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With 50 years of Formula 1 experience, Swiss Side revolutionizes the cycling industry. With unmatched aerodynamic and engineering knowhow, Swiss Side maximizes the performance of aero wheels.

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