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Lessons from the Wind Tunnel

Tue, Sep 18, 18

5th Annual Swiss Side Wind Tunnel Battle. The folks of and have spent some time in the wind tunnel with the aerodynamic experts of Swiss Side, testing gear and position. In the first of a three-part series, a look at the best position for descending: "What is the best position for descending? We've all watched the pros tuck when they're descending. Once they hit downhill speeds above 50 km / h, some athletes stop pedaling, grab the base bar, make themselves small and lay their buttocks on the top tube (see photo below). How much of a difference does this...

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Swiss Side Aero Tip - Disc Brake Wheels

Fri, Sep 14, 18

Swiss Side's technical director, Jean-Paul Ballard talks about the effect of your disc brakes on aerodynamics. Every watt counts!

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TRIMAX Magazine: HADRON Classic 625 (disc brake) longterm test

Tue, Sep 11, 18

The editors of TRIMAX Magazine from France tested the HADRON Classic 625 disk brake wheelset for over 5 month this summer and are excited to share the outcome with their readers in the current issue. Here the summary: + Very reliable: Swiss Quality, still in perfect conditions after 5 months of riding them + Highly stable in very windy mountain conditions  + Right price + Great all-round wheelset + Amazing sound while riding + Crash Replacement Program (50% off for replacement wheel) + 2-year warranty  -> Recommended to whom (by Trimax)? EVERYBODY from short distance to long distance triathlon. There is...

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