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Michael Raelert: Looking forward to the home race

Thu, Jul 26, 18

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Michael Raelert is ready to discover a special highlight this Sunday in Hamburg. The Rostockian, who lives temporarily in the Hanseatic city, will start at the second edition of the Ironman in the North of Germany. "For me, it's a home game," says Michael Raelert, "I like the city, the people and the flair." After being forced to cancel his start at the inaugural race in Hamburg last year due to an infection, he wants to catch up his personal Hamburg debut now. "I'm really looking forward to Sunday, but I'm also extremely excited about the...

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Better Braking than Aluminium, with Swiss Side Carbon Rims – WET AND DRY!

Mon, Jul 23, 18

Did you know that the new Generation of Swiss Side full carbon rims offers better braking, with better modulation and controllability than aluminium rims, in both wet and dry conditions? Now full carbon rims are better all round compared to aluminium rims. This was the reason for Swiss Side to shift to only full carbon rims for the new 2018 model lineup. In order to demonstrate this improved braking performance with real test data, Swiss Side performed back-to-back testing at the Swiss Stop brake pad research centre. Using the specially developed Swiss Stop Black Prince pads for which the Swiss...

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Swiss Side at Ironman Zürich

Sun, Jul 22, 18

Visit the Swiss Side Crew at the Ironman Zürich expo between 27th to 29th July.  ➡️ CHECK OUT our new HADRON aero wheels and take them for a test ride.➡️ LEARN more about aerodynamics and the revolutionary Swiss Side AeroPod.➡️ WIN free stuff at our booth and enter to win a new set of Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels. See you there!  

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