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Andreas Raelert: Focus on Ironman Hawaii 2018

Fri, Aug 11, 17

Swiss Side pro athlete Andreas Raelert proposes a change of his plans for the season. The Rostockian deliberately changes his goal to take part in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona this year and redesigns his further planning. "It is a decision which has been hard to make," says Andreas Raelert, "the Ironman Hawaii means a lot to me personally. I would love to start again in Kona this year. However, I would like to head to Hawaii in the best possible condition, and to reach this goal would be difficult this year." Due to minor health issues, Andreas Raelert...

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Patrick Lange wins Frankfurt City Triathlon

Mon, Aug 07, 17

Swiss Side Pro Athlete Lange about the race: "Frankfurt City Triathlon Check! Fast Race today - Olympic distance. The begin of the race was a bit bumpy as I stepped into a piece of glass and injured my foot. Swim was allright, but not super-powerful, freshness was missing a bit. On the 45 km bike course my motor was warming up, but even if I tried to get away from my opponents, it was to flat to get away. Sean Donnelly was pushing hard all the way after leading strong in the swim. Off to the run I attacked right from the...

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Swiss Side Athlete Profile - Laura Philipp

Fri, Aug 04, 17

What is your favorite triathlon to participate in? Why? I love Ironman 70.3 Mallorca because Mallorca is one of the nicest places on earth to train and the technical race course is simply breathtaking.   Height: 175cm Weight: 58kg   Hometown/Country: Heidelberg, Germany   Sponsors/Supporters: Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Hero Carbon, Leicht Küchen, OSPA PowerSwim, Cep, New Balance, Castelli, Uvex, Swiss Side, Training and Diagnostics, Nutritional Finetuning, Sailfish, ImmunBiest   List your biggest accomplishments in triathlon: 1st Ironman 70.3 Mallorca 2016, 2017 1st Ironman 70.3 St.Pölten 2016, 2017 1st Challenge Heilbronn 2015, 2016 3rd Ironman 70.3 EM, 2014, 2016 7th Ironman 70.3...

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