FAQ Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels over competitor wheels?

HADRON aero wheels are aerodynamically superior through Swiss Side's unequalled aerodynamic development methods. We bring the latest technologies, top level engineering know-how and people together to ensure the highest level for Swiss Side’s engineering capability and to produce an unrivalled product at a competitive price point.

„We push the boundaries of design, construction, materials and aerodynamics to bring cycling wheels into a new era.”


Where can I buy Swiss Side wheels?

Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels are available to buy online here.

We also have a select few retail partners who stock our wheels. You can find all retailers here

Where can I see your HADRON aero wheels in action?

Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2021.

Alternatively, visit one of our retailers.

Can I pre-order products if they are unavailable at the current time?

Absolutely, drop us an e-mail at contact@swissside.com and we can add you to the pre-order waiting list. Once the product becomes available we will contact you directly in order to process the order.

Will I have to pay custom duties on my HADRON aero wheels?

EU: All pricing shown includes VAT for EU countries. Most products ship from our Poland based warehouse and include all taxes and duties for EU customers.

Rest of World incl. Switzerland: For sales to countries outside of the EU, VAT will automatically be deducted from the prices shown on checkout. Import duties and taxes are therefore not included and may be charged separately by your country’s authorities.

How much will it cost to deliver my order?

We have negotiated best possible rates on all shipments with our international courier. Delivery costs are calculated and added automatically on checkout. If your country is not listed on our website, please contact us directly at contact@swissside.com for further information.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide using a renowned international courier service. If your country is not offered as an option on our website, please contact us at contact@swissside.com for further information.

Shipments to Canary Islands (in Spain):
Due to high courier costs of shipping to specific remote destinations, additionally surcharges may apply. Normal shipping costs to Spain do not apply to the Canary Islands. If you would like to have your wheels sent to the Canary Islands, please contact us at contact@swisssside.com. We will look at all shipping options and provide you with a separate offer.

How long will it take to process my order and for my package to arrive?

We currently offer standard shipping options for all our customers. Any orders* placed Monday – Thursday will be processed the same day and shipped the next business day. Any orders* placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed the same day and shipped the following Monday. Shipping can take between 3-15 business days, depending on where you are in the world. (*international shipments have a processing time of 3-5 business days).

Deliveries EUROPE: normally 3-5 business days

Delivery Rest of the World: normally 7-15 business days, further delays may occur due to Customs Clearance at the destination country.

What happens if my package doesn’t arrive?

Our courier service offers live tracking for all parcels. Please click on the link provided in your shipping confirmation email to track your parcel. Our standard shipping time is 3-5 days from dispatch of goods from the warehouse. If you haven’t received your package by this time, please contact our courier service provided via the link given in your shipping confirmation email. If after this you still cannot find your package, please contact us at contact@swissside.com.

What happens if my package arrives damaged?

If your product arrives and has been damaged during transit, please report this to our courier service customer service centre via the link provided in the shipping confirmation email. All damages suffered in transit need to be claimed and registered as soon as possible after receipt.

Can I return my wheels? / Returns

If you change your mind and you would like to return your merchandise, you may do so by contacting customer service at contact@swissside.com.

All unwanted merchandise must be returned within 30 days of purchase in pristine, unused condition and in its original packaging.

A re-stocking fee of EURO 20.00 will be charged for all returns processed.

Returns must be sent back to our Warehouse in Poland by registered post and at the cost of the purchaser.

Once the merchandise has been received, checked and approved, we will issue a refund or a credit note to the value of the order minus the EURO 20.00 re-stocking fee.

Any returns requested after the 30 day limit is at the discretion of Swiss Side.

My HADRON aero wheels are damaged, who should I contact?

If you believe your product is damaged as a result of a manufacturing defect. Please contact either your local retailer where the wheels were purchased from, or contact@swissside.com. We can determine what the issue is and provide you with the relevant support.

All of our 2018 HADRON aero wheels or newer are manufactured by DT Swiss, and Swiss Side customers are able to benefit from their extended after-sales services. DT Swiss has worldwide network of qualified Service Centres. All warranty and service claims must be first processed through Swiss Side at contact@swissside.com. Afterwards you will be able to contact the service center in your region: https://www.dtswiss.com/en/support/service-center/

Crash Replacement Scheme

Our 2018 HADRON aero wheels or newer are manufactured by DT Swiss and Swiss Side customers are able to benefit from their extended after-sales services. HADRON aero wheels are high-end products, designed and manufactured to meet the extraordinary requirements of performance orientated cycling. Nevertheless, there are situations even our wheels cannot handle: A high-speed crash with expensive aero-wheels. The Crash Replacement Scheme is developed for exactly those cases. 

To qualify for the crash replacement scheme / repair service and to get you back on your saddle, register your HADRON aero wheels soon after purchase by sending the following information to contact@swissside.com:

  • Copy of receipt
  • Your name, address and email address (if not clear on receipt)
  • Price and currency paid (if not clear on receipt)
  • Date of purchase (if not clear on receipt)
  • Product Name
  • Serial Number (these can be found in the wheel bed, on the rim tape)
  • Where you purchased your HADRON aero wheels
  • Country you purchased your HADRON aero wheels from 

Will Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels fit my bike?

Our wheels are 700cc which is the standard road bike wheel size. Provided you have a standard sized road bike, then our wheels will fit your bike. 


• The 800s are recommended for time trial and triathlon only. The 625&800 setup is the most recommended for any wind conditions or for those athletes who are sensitive to the wind. At an extreme, the 485/500&800 combination can also be applied for very challenging wind conditions for very light weight riders.
• The 625s and 485/500s are recommended for road riding. For ultra hilly and changing wind conditions the 485/500s offer more wind stability at the cost of some aero performance. Overall, the fastest solution for the most hilly races is the 625 set. “Aero is King!”

What tyres do you recommend?

What tyres do you recommend? For optimal aero dynamic performance, we recommend Continental GP (Grand Prix) 5000 tyres. For our HADRON aero wheels we recommend using a 23mm tyre on the front and a 25mm tyre on the rear.  For our new HADRON² aero wheels we recommend using a 25mm tyre on the front and rear wheel, or a 25mm tyre on the front wheel combined with a 28mm tyre on the rear wheel for more comfort. 

What is the maximum width tyre I can use to increase comfort?

HADRON aero wheels
28mm tyres are the absolute maximum width tyres you can use on our HADRON aero wheels. In this instance, we would suggest 28mm tyres at the rear and 25mm tyres on the front wheel. For optimal aerodynamic performance we only recommend using 25mm tyres or less.

HADRON² aero wheels
Tyre sizes of up to 64mm are possible but we advise to use tyre sizes between 25mm to 32mm. Our recommended tyre setups are as follows:
• For maximum overall performance: 25mm front and rear, with the option of 28mm on the rear for additional comfort. In general we recommend this setup for average speeds of 25km/h or higher.
• For increased comfort and for example in training: 28mmfront & rear.
• We recommend 8bar tyre pressure for 25mm tyres and 6bar pressure for 28mm tyres however the maximum tyre manufacturer pressure should be respected and not exceeded.

Can I use tubeless tyres on my Swiss Side wheels?

All HADRON aero wheels feature a tubeless ready carbon clincher construction. Pre-installed with light weight, high strength rim tape, and supplied with tubeless ready value with extensions.

How to seat tubelss tyre?

First of all, make sure the rim tape is in tact and is sealed to the rim bed. So there should be no holes, folds or tears in the tape, especially around the spoke holes. Secondly, check that the tubeless valve is seated well and fastened (not too tight) in place. Then with regards to the tyre itself, important is to lubricate the tyre bead and the rim bed with either some soapy water or some tubeless milk when mounting. Then push the tyre bead out of the rim well (the sunken centre part of the rim) as much as possible before inflating. Normally this will be more than enough to get the tyre to seat, even without a compressor.
If all this fails, the tyre tolerances are probably too far on the loose side. To solve this, a second layer of tubeless tape will tighten the assembly and do the trick.

What are the recommended rider weights and tyre pressures for HADRON aero wheels?

Tyre pressures of 120psi should not be exceeded. The maximum permitted system (bike and rider) weights are:

  • HADRON Ultimate Rim Brake: 100kg
  • HADRON/HADRON² Ultimate Disc Brake: 110kg
  • HADRON Classic Rim Brake: 105kg
  • HADRON Classic Disc Brake: 115kg

What brake pads do you recommend for HADRON aero Wheels?

We recommend only using the following Swiss Side approved brake pads with HADRON aero wheels: SwissStop Black Prince Flash EVO and SwissStop Black Prince Flash Pro. These are available to buy on our online store. Failure to do so can lead to damage to the wheel and will void the warranty.

How to install my SINC Ceramic Bearings?

When you order the SINC Ceramic Bearings Upgrade Kit, you will receive a User Manual with information on how to install and use the component, as well as how to maintain the component. You can order a copy of the User Manual at contact@swissside.com