F1 Engineering Quality by design and extensive experience

Structural Engineering

The absolute leading methods in structural design.

Swiss Side also uses the absolute leading methods in structural design, once again tapping into the engineering team’s extensive Formula 1 experience.

This extends not only to mechanical design but also importantly to the fields of composite structures and FEM (Finite Element Modeling).

Swiss Side designs rims and hubs, once again applying a "real world performance" approach to design.

Maintaining a focus on relevant technologies with acceptable ratio for cost vs performance, design targets for stiffness, weight and product function are set, aimed to offer the maximum in performance, out on the road where it matters.

Rapid Prototyping

F1-spec prototype parts production for wind tunnel and on the road.

Swiss Side has extensive experience in rapid prototyping from Formula 1 where 3D printed structural parts are the norm for wind tunnel testing and even for race car parts.

We use the absolute best in rapid prototyping technologies for building wheels, components and complete bikes for wind tunnel testing and even use out on the road.

Mechanical Testing

Pushing the limits to ensure strength, safety and durability.

Swiss Side uses the leading testing facilities to ensure not only the maximum performance but also to test the strength and durability limits of our products.

Testing is applied not only to the final wheels but also to the sub components such as spokes and hubs but also to the base materials used in the wheels.