Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 625 (Procycling Review August 2017)

"The aerodynamic experts at Swiss Side with longterm experience in Formula 1 racing are not only focusing on top aerodynamic performance and maximum sailing effect of their aero wheels, but also ensure steering stability when cross winds hit. 

This was proven during the test out on the roads. While riding the HADRON Ultimate aero wheels you feel the outstanding stability when cross winds hit. The wheels come with ceramic bearings as a standard for a price of EUR 1900/set. The rear wheel could be a little stiffer. This might be a compromise for the top aero performance of the wheels." 

Mon, Jul 17, 17

Swiss Side HADRON Ultimate 625 (RennRad 7/2017)

The full carbon version & "big brother" of the test winning standard HADRON 625 aero wheel (RennRad magazine 5/2017)!

+ great aerodynamics

+ very low cross wind sensitivity

+ unbeatable in price-performance

+ top wheel for triathlon

- weight

- acceleration 

Mon, Jul 03, 17

20 of the best 2017 road bike wheels (April 28th 2017)

Hadron 485 and 625 made it into the top 20 road bike wheels in 2017, recommended by!

Hadron wheels (named after that big circular tunnel near Geneva, of course) are available in rim depths of 48.5mm, 62.5mm and 80mm (front)/85mm (rear). All share the same fundamental construction, with aluminium rims and carbon fairings. Swiss Side says it's done an enormous amount of work to perfect the aerodynamic design of these rims, focusing on aerodynamic drag and also minimising the sensitivity to side-winds.

They've performed well in a wide variety of riding. We won't pretend that we can accurately determine the difference compared with other quality aero wheels of a similar depth, but they certainly feel like they're in the same ball-park, holding speed really well and making a rather satisfying hum in the process.

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Tue, Jun 20, 17

RennRad Test Winner: Swiss Side HADRON 625 (April 2017)

The Swiss Side HADRON aero wheels claim another test winning award! RennRad magazine from Germany (magazine 2017-5) rated our HADRON aero wheel set Nr. 1 thanks to the outstanding aerodynamics, with low cross-wind sensitivity, as well as the affordable price. This is our third major win in three consecutive years. Swiss Side HADRON wheels took aero wheel test wins in 2015 by TOUR magazine (HADRON 800+), in 2016 by Procycling (HADRON 625) and NEW 2017 with RennRad!

Tue, Apr 18, 17

20 of the best 2017 road bike wheels (, March 2017)

The Swiss Side HADRON 625s are stonkingly good wheels, offering arguably the best performance in this price bracket on the market today.

They use a hybrid aluminium-carbon rim to give aluminium-rim brake performance and class-leading aerodynamic performance, at a price way below the big players like Zipp and Enve. And by god they sound good.

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Wed, Mar 15, 17

Cykelmagasinet - HADRON 485 (March 2017)

Swiss Side Hadron 485 is is a solid and well manufactured allround wheelset for both training and racing under all wind and weather conditions.

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Tue, Mar 14, 17



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