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Swiss Side HADRON Classic 485 


"Swiss Side - a brand most well-known for sitting underneath Germany's Patrick Lange during both of his record-setting Kona wins - has created a budget wheel in the Hadron Classic 485 with ride quality that outshines even more expensive wheelsets. These 48.5mm-deep rims may not have a wide rim track (25mm) like most of the other wheels in this category, but the surprisingly well-built DT Swiss hubs ride very smoothly, giving a good middle ground between compliance over bumps and lateral stiffness for punching over hills. These are perfect wheels for anyone looking for a training and racing combo without breaking the bank. Here, value is king."



Wed, Mar 13, 19

HADRON Classic 485 longterm test

tri2b.com tested the HADRON Classic 485 rim brake wheelset for over 2000km from North to South of Germany. The wheelset was tested in all kinds of different conditions. On winding roads, in wet and dry weather, over cobblestones as well as off road. Here the summary: 

+ Great braking performance in dry and wet riding conditions 

+ Amazing wheel stability in crosswinds 

+ High quality product

+ Top all-round wheelset

+ Great value for money

+ World-wide service center network 

Read the entire review at tri2b.com

Tue, Nov 06, 18

HADRON Classic 485 longterm test by ROADBIKE (Oct. 2018)

Five people from ROADBIKE tested the HADRON Classic 485 wheelset for a total of 5500 km over the last 8 month. They came to an unanimous positive conclusion: The HADRON Classic Aero Wheels feel very stable and fast. It's a stiff wheelset with great steering control. 

+ Stiffness

+ Holding high speeds 

+ Great value for money 

Read the entire review at roadbike.de

Sat, Oct 27, 18

HADRON Classic 485: Test & Review (Oct. 2018)

"Cutting edge aero for less" is what the team at Peloton Magazine writes, after testing and reviewing the HADRON Classic 485 wheelset. Here an extract of the write-up:

"As you would expect from a company specializing in aerodynamics, Swiss Side designed the HADRON Classic 485 to be fast–but not at the expense of rideability. By focusing on stability and predictable handling in windy conditions, this wheelset allows you to stay in an aerodynamic position for longer. After all, aero wheels aren’t much good if they force you to ride in an upright position, with your body catching wind like a sail. In real world conditions, the stability is noticeable: these wheels track straight in most wind conditions you’ll encounter, even for small riders, and carve confidently through descents. Simply put, they’re a joy to ride.

Swiss Side partners with DT Swiss, using the fellow Swiss company’s revered hubs and bladed Aero Comp spokes while focusing on its own in-house rim shapes. Along with the benefits of durable, high quality components, the partnership allows Swiss Side wheels to be tuned up at DT Swiss’s extensive worldwide network of service centers. Additionally, Swiss Side’s generous crash replacement program offers 50% off the same style wheel–hopefully you’ll never need it but it’s nice to know you aren’t completely out of luck in the event of an accident.

These wheels offer incredible, easy to handle aerodynamics at a great price. There are trade-off’s however – wet braking, tire volume and weight. Of course, for those seeking cutting edge aero at entry level carbon prices, the Swiss Side Classic 485 is a great option."

Read entire review at pelotonmagazine.com


Fri, Oct 19, 18

Hadron Ultimate 485 disc brake wheelset (TOUR Magazine September 2018)

The HADRON Ultimate 485 disc brake wheelset recommended by TOUR Magazine:

+ Value for money

+ Full-carbon 

+ DT Swiss components 

+ Tubeless ready 

+ Sizes: 485, 625, 800 (rim and disc brake) 

+ Mix & Match rim depth sizes 


Tue, Sep 11, 18

TRIMAX Magazine: HADRON Classic 625 (disc brake) longterm test

The editors of TRIMAX Magazine from France tested the HADRON Classic 625 disk brake wheelset for over 5 month this summer and are excited to share the outcome with their readers. Here the summary:

+ Very reliable: Swiss Quality, still in perfect conditions after 5 months of riding them

+ Highly stable in very windy mountain conditions 

+ Right price

+ Great all-round wheelset

+ Amazing sound while riding

+ Crash Replacement Program (50% off for replacement wheel)

+ 2-year warranty 

-> Recommended to whom (by Trimax)? EVERYBODY from short distance to long distance. There is no limitations with the HADRON aero wheels. Versatile, stable, sturdy and the right price. The HADRON areo wheels are an excellent choice. All you have to do: Choose the right rim depth for your type of riding and enjoy!

Read the entire review online at: http://www.trimax-mag.com/swiss-side-hadron-classic-625-disc/ 

Tue, Sep 11, 18


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