Into the wind tunnel with the Swiss Side Hadron (, Feb-2014)

The Swiss Side Hadron 625 is the latest wheelset to arrive for test at RCUK Towers.
As the name suggests, this aluminium clincher is equipped with a laminate shroud some 62.5mm deep and comes with bold performance claims. Swiss Side founder, Jean-Paul Ballard, by day an aerodynamicist with the Sauber F1 team, is more than happy to have those claims tested, however: RCUK will be among a handful of journalists taking their favourite wheels to a wind tunnel in Switzerland for a head-to-head with the Hadron. Click here to read more

Sun, Feb 02, 14

Stiff, responsive, fast – Swiss Side Francs (, 21-Jan-2014)

High-end wheelsets aren’t for those of us with high-end weights. Light riders ride light wheels, heavy riders ride heavy wheels. Of course, we ride the heavy wheels because they can cope with our awesome power … who am I kidding? I’ve always wanted to ride a light, low spoke-count wheel, just like the pros do, but to do it right I need a high quality wheel. Getting one at a reasonable price would normally have me looking for a second hand solution, but then there’s the Swiss Side Francs – 18 spokes on the front, 24 on the rear, me on top. The stiffest wheels I’ve ever ridden. Now I know what I’ve been missing. Click here to read more

Wed, Jan 22, 14

Four Months on the Road with the Swiss Side Franc Wheels (, 26-July-2012)

The new Swiss Side Franc wheel set is beautiful. You can tell at first sight. The attention to detail is exquisite and they’re finished like a fine instrument, but don’t mistake the high quality alloy hubs for ivory. With 18, 4 mm wide spokes front and rear, the wheels feel tight to the touch and at 1533g (set excl. skewers) the oversize spokes seem well proportionately laced to the alloy aero rims. The lines are simple and clean, the colour is pleasing and most importantly, they look fast: Formula One fast. Click here to read more

Sun, Jul 29, 12


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