Swiss side Aero Tip - Gravel Wheel Setup Differences

posted by Delia Zollinger
March 21, 2022

How much potential is there in the aerodynamic drag performance of different gravel wheels?

The numbers from the wind tunnel test show, that the GRAVON 420 aero carbon wheel brings an aero drag saving of up to around 5W depending on the speed compared to standard gravel wheels. This drag reduction will be amplified on windier days due to the enhancing ‘sailing effect’ in cross-wind of the 42mm deep GRAVON 420 rim. It must be considered that with the lower overall speeds of gravel riding, the effective cross-wind (yaw) angle is on average higher, so the performance advantage from improved sailing effects will be amplified in the real world.

Go check out our wind tunnel report to find out more about the advantages of riding our GRAVON 420 wheels!