HADRON² All-Road - Road.cc Review (June 2022)

posted by Delia Zollinger
June 22, 2022

The new Swiss Side wheelset is a versatile allrounder. The team at Road.cc tested it and wrote a detailed review on it.


  • They are light and stiff enough to be raced on
  • Capable of tackling smooth tarmac through to potholed back lanes, cobbles and even off-road sections such as byways or gravel tracks
  • They are sensibly priced 
  • With the right tyre fit, they feel very responsive.
  • Remain very much true even after 600 miles of testing on roads and trails.



The HADRON² All-Road took everything in their stride, not missing a beat throughout testing on rough sections of gravel, chalk and tarmac, and dry dirt.

Go check out the full review, and find out what makes our HADRON² All-Roads so great!