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Van Rysel

Collaboration to build the world's fastest, Grand Tour winning bikes.

swiss side van rysel collaboration
swiss side x van rysel collaboration

Van Rysel // Swiss Side

sharing the goal of making you faster

How it started.

“Develop a faster and more aerodynamic time trial bike than the competition!” – This short target was the project brief from our colleagues at Van Rysel, setting a clear but ambitious goal.

van rysel xcr swiss side aerodynamics

TT // Triathlon bike

Van Rysel XCR

Using Swiss Side’s proven development approach, rooted in Formula One motorsport and fine-tuned with yearlong experience in cycling aerodynamics, with profound Computational Fluid Dynamics studies (CFD-simulation), stiffness-to-weight simulations (FE-simulation) as well as wind tunnel testing, it was ensured that all aspects of bike performance were met. With Swiss Side’s promise to deliver real world performance, the Van Rysel XCR was designed having the world's fastest UCI time trialists in mind, whilst in parallel providing an uncompromised platform for a triathlon version.

Van Rysel

swiss side van rysel decathlon collaboration

Free Shipping to EU, GB & CH on all orders over €500


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