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HAWAII IS CALLING - A fresh new look for SWISS SIDE branded wheels in Kona

HAWAII IS CALLING - A fresh new look for SWISS SIDE branded wheels in Kona

Every year, around the IRONMAN World Championships, excitement raises within the whole Triathlon community, and SWISS SIDE joins the community in celebrating such a great event.

This year, the brand launched a new contest, to involve fans in the celebrations of the upcoming venue. The “Create Your Own Kona-Decal Contest” invited the brand’s fans to let their imagination flow and help create a one-of-a-kind design, for the newest addition to the Swiss Side decals collection.

The contest has seen the fans of the brand participate in the role of decal design creators, but also as judges determining the winning design. The designer of the winning style was rewarded with a brand new set of HADRON2 Classics. The decal has been made available to Swiss Side sponsored athletes and age-groupers racing in Kona this year, but also available to purchase online.

Make sure to pre-order your decals, as they now officially available to pre-order online, on SWISS SIDE’s web shop. All profits generated by the sales of the limited-edition Kona decals, will be donated to charity.

The World Championships in Kona are the pinnacle of IRONMAN races, attracting fans of the sport from all over the world. Since many fans won’t have the opportunity to physically join the celebrations and fly down to Kona, Hawaii, SWISS SIDE was committed to find a way to bring the excitement and the buzz around the iconic event, closer to the fans.

The Kona decals are a very much unique, physical portrayal of the values for which SWISS SIDE stands firmly. Their beauty, colorful details and style seem to further enhance the value of the meticulously aerodynamically engineered wheels, ridden by some of the professional riders competing in the World Championships.

Having Swiss engineering’s precision, mixed with the symbolic Hawaiian vibes in a one-of-a-kind, beautifully designed decal, not only stands as a proof of the continuous support, that SWISS SIDE has been giving to their sponsored athletes, strenuously fighting for a spot for the World Championship, but also of the commitment to their fans.

SWISS SIDE is very proud to be involved in many ways, and is hoping to find new supporters to add to their very committed community. For whoever might be lucky enough to be present on site, make sure you will keep your eyes open for the colorful “Manta” Stickers, scattered around the venue!

If you were to find one, take the most original picture you could think of with it, post it on your Instagram account, follow and tag the @swissside account, and mention our hashtag #FINDTHEMANTA. One lucky winner will be gifted a 150 EUR SWISS SIDE Gift Card!

Free Shipping to EU, GB & CH on all orders over €500


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