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Jan Van Berkel`s last dance

Jan Van Berkel`s last dance

Ironman Thun 2023 crowned Jan's extraordinary career as a professional triathlete

With the finish line of Ironman Thun 2023 in sight, not only his last victory but also his career as a professional triathlete comes to an end. We are happy to congratulate Jan to his last victory as a pro triathlete.

The bond between Jan and Swiss Side is one that has grown stronger over the years. We have shared a close-knit partnership, built on mutual trust and a shared commitment to excellence. Throughout his professional career, Swiss Side has been a strong supporter, providing Jan with cutting-edge wheels and invaluable aerodynamic optimization. It fulfills us with immense proud that this collaboration has played a pivotal role in Jan's success, enabling him to push his limits and reach unparalleled heights in the world of triathlon.

What truly sets the relationship between Jan Van Berkel and Swiss Side apart is the undeniable camaraderie and humor that infuse our connection. It is a bond rooted in inclusivity and respect, where support and encouragement create an atmosphere of joy and success. This unique dynamic has not only contributed to Jan's outstanding performance but has also made his journey all the more enjoyable and rewarding.

Jan Van Berkel Ironman Thun 2023

Jan Van Berkel will forever be held in high esteem by Swiss Side as an exceptional athlete whose proactive nature and friendly demeanor left an indelible mark on their partnership. His achievements, both on and off the racecourse, serve as a testament to the power of dedication, perseverance, and the strength of a supportive community.

As the curtains close on Jan's illustrious career, Swiss Side reflects on their collaboration with immense pride and gratitude. They cherish the memories, the shared laughter, and the countless victories achieved together. Jan Van Berkel will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Swiss Side, embodying the true spirit of a champion and leaving an enduring legacy in the world of triathlon.

Thanks Jan.
Yours Swiss Side Team.

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