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HADRON² Classic

World Championship-winning pedigree at an accessible price with unbeatable quality.

Available for maximum aerodynamic performance with rim depths starting from 50mm for hilly courses up to 80mm for flat and fast courses

Top level aero performance on any course, in any conditions, for any rider. This 50mm profile depth is designed to provide best balance of performance across the widest spectrum of riding, from the mountains to every-day rides, or races.

Maximum aerodynamic performance for the widest array of conditions. With 62mm profile depth, the wheel chosen for fast racing by Pro cycling teams or by triathletes for windy days and hilly courses.

The multiple World Championship winning rim with 80mm deep profile, specific for time trial, triathlon, and setting new world records.

Brake Type
Front Wheel Depth
Rear Wheel Depth

HADRON² Classic 625 front or rear wheel will be shipped June 28th, 2024.

HADRON² Classic 500 front wheel will be shipped August, 30th 2024.

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HADRON² Classic Front Wheel

$681.00 Regular price $851.00


Using identical rims to the Ultimate series, with more cost efficient DT Swiss hubs and spokes, the HADRON² Classic deliver the highest performance, value for money aero wheels on the market. Tubeless ready, hooked construction, designed to deliver the optimum balance of rolling resistance and aero performance for 25mm & 28mm tyres. Rim depths from 50mm to 80mm. Unmatched Swiss quality manufactured in collaboration with DT Swiss. UCI approved.


Front wheel:

  • HADRON² Classic 500: 747g
  • HADRON² Classic 625: 848g
  • HADRON² Classic 800: 891g

Rear wheel:

  • HADRON² Classic 500: 895g
  • HADRON² Classic 625: 996g
  • HADRON² Classic 800: 1038g

Inner rim width: 20mm
Max. rim width: 27mm
Tubeless ready clincher


Model: Swiss Side 370
Disc brake compatibility: CTR-LOCK


Model: DT aero comp®
Material: Stainless steel
End type: J-Bend
Spoke quantity: 24
Spoke pattern: 2-cross


Model: Pro-Lock hidden
Material: Aluminium
Length: 12mm


Bearing type: High end stainless steel bearings
Low friction thanks to single sided seals


Compatible with:

Shimano 10 - 13 speed, SRAM 10 & 11 speed freehub as standard

SRAM 12- and Campagnolo 13-speed groupset options available separately

Safety notice

The maximum total system weight (bike + rider) for the HADRON² Classic disc brake wheelset is 110kg.
Tyre pressures for tubeless of 102psi should not be exceeded.
Tyre pressures for tube tyres of 123psi should not be exceeded.

Axle size

Front: 12/100mm TA
Rear: 12/142mm TA

Tyres recommendation

All tyres from 25mm to 64mm can be used on this rim. For optimal aerodynamic performance, we recommend using a 25mm tyre on the front and rear. If additional comfort is desired, a 28mm tyre can be used on the rear.


Rim tape pre-installed
Valve extension
Tubeless valve
Valve stickers
Brake pads only for rim brake

Not included:
Disc rotor
Brake pads for disc brake
Through axle

User manual

Wheels performance

At Swiss Side, transparency is the fundament of our goal to deliver exceptional value and make you fastest. We share the insights from our wind tunnel testing and extensive research, empowering you with the knowledge to achieve unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Swiss side aerodynamic wheels crosswind front wheel performance measurements

HADRON² Classic

Wheels Set Time Gain Summary

Model Speed Power Drag Reduction 40km 90km 180km
HADRON2 Classic 500 set 45km/h 350W 13.2W 0 min  50 sec 1 min  41 sec 3 min  22 sec
35km/h 180W 6.2W 0 min  56 sec 2 min  06 sec 4 min  12 sec
HADRON2 Classic 625 set 45km/h 350W 15.7W 0 min  54 sec 2 min  01 sec 4 min  01 sec
35km/h 180W 7.4W 1 min  07 sec 2 min  30 sec 5 min  00 sec
HADRON2 Classic 800 set 45km/h 350W 17.0W 0 min  58 sec 2 min  11 sec 4 min  22 sec
35km/h 180W 8.0W 1 min  12 sec 2 min  43 sec 5 min  25 sec
HADRON2 Classic 800 / HADRON2 DISC 45km/h 350W 18.8W 1 min  04 sec 2 min  25 sec 4 min  50 sec
35km/h 180W 8.8W 1 min  20 sec 3 min  00 sec 5 min  01 sec

Get to know more about the performance comparison of our HADRON² Ultimate and HADRON² Classic wheels.

Crosswind front wheel performance

Aero Wheels crosswind performance
  • X axis: Crosswind at different degrees. The degree to which the wind arrives from the left or right side is defined in degrees as the Crosswind (yaw) angle [°]. The negative numbers represent the degrees the wind is coming from the left side, the positive numbers represent the degrees the wind is coming from the right side.
  • Y axis: Aero Drag measured in watts
  • Base drag: Defined by Swiss Side at 15 Watts, it is not a standard
  • Thrust: Negative drag
  • Sailing effect: The effect describes a “push” forward which happens when the wind comes from the side = crosswind.
  • We compared different rim depths of the Swiss Side Hadron2 front cycling wheels: 500 mm (grey), 625 mm (blue), and 800 mm (red).

Crosswind frontwheel stability

swiss side aerodynamic wheels front wheel crosswind performance analysis
  • X axis: Crosswind at different degrees = Crosswind (yaw) angle [°]. The negative numbers represent the degrees the wind is coming from the left side, the positive numbers represent the degrees the wind is coming from the right side.
  • Y axis: Steering moment in Newton meter
  • The front wheel steering moment is the force that a cyclist feels in the handlebars when crosswinds hit the front wheel. Through our research and extensive testing, we have determined that the characteristics lead to a stable and confident feeling from the front wheel. The graph shows a linear steering moment curve without sudden change at the stall point. The stall point is when the wind angle is too high, and the airflow can no longer stay attached to the wheel.
  • We compared different rim depths of the Swiss Side Hadron2 front cycling wheels: 500 mm (grey), 625 mm (blue), and 800 mm (red).
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