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Introducing Swiss Side AERO Socks: Maximize Your Aerodynamic Gain

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Save watts, power, and time

Optimise your power to your highest possible level with our aero and tech tips.

Need additional knowledge? We recommend staying up-to-date by tuning into our aero podcast, Swiss inSide, where we delve into intriguing insights and discuss the various aero gains discovered during our wind tunnel testing sessions.

Swiss Side Aero Tip - Frame Size

Swiss Side Aero Tip - Frame Size

TRUE OR FALSE: Riding one frame size smaller with more spacers/longer stem is faster than riding the ideal frame size This is generally TRUE. Smaller frames typically have less drag (this...

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Swiss Side Aero Tip - Hands Up

Swiss Side Aero Tip - Hands Up

TRUE OR FALSE: The praying mantis position is the fastest time trial position FALSE. Every athlete is individual. Flexibility and the shape a person’s body folds into when they are in...

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Patrick Lange // Challenge Roth 2023


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