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GO4GOLD - Marcel Hug on the wordl`s fastest wheelchair

GO4GOLD - Marcel Hug on the wordl`s fastest wheelchair

Swiss Made

It is the first racing wheelchair created in Switzerland from concept to final product. Together with Orthotec, Sauber Group, ETH Zurich, and Swiss Paraplegic Research, we have combined our knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. The synergy of aerodynamics, engineering, high-tech manufacturing, and exceptional team spirit resulted in the OT FOXX. Top athlete and co-developer Marcel Hug, along with Swiss teammate Patricia Eachus, were the first members of the racing team. Since then, an increasing number of international OT FOXX pilots have joined the ranks. This is a clear indication that the product is setting new standards in its sport.

 Swiss Silver Bullet Marcel Hug Wind Tunnel Test Swiss Side Aero Wheels

Swiss Silver Bullet

Since its creation, the "Swiss Silver Bullet" aka Marcel Hug has not only won the World Championships but also conquered numerous prestigious road marathons such as Berlin, New York City, London, Chicago, and Boston. Furthermore, it has set several track world records and achieved impressive milestones. Within a few days, it broke two world records, both for the 800-meter and 1500-meter distances. Shortly after, it also set a new course record of 1:17:47 hours at the Oita Marathon in Japan (which had previously stood for 22 years). Its exceptional performances have turned it into a true legend in wheelchair racing.



The documentary film "GO4GOLD" about Marcel Hug, also known as the "Swiss Silver Bullet," presents a captivating and emotionally charged success story. Through impressive visuals, it illustrates every step, from the initial idea to Marcel Hug's extraordinary achievement of winning four gold medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. The film not only captures the impressive athletic accomplishments but also the personal challenges, setbacks, and triumphant moments that accompanied the journey to this extraordinary success. Swiss Side is incredibly proud to be a part of this story and wishes athlete Marcel Hug continued success in breaking future world records!

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