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Introducing: AERO Tri Suit. The performance benchmark. Buy now!

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Introducing the AERO Tri Suit

Introducing the AERO Tri Suit

A new benchmark for performance – the Swiss Side AERO Tri Suit

The Swiss Side AERO Tri Suit is the top choice for an aerodynamic upgrade for triathletes of all sizes and speeds. Developed through a rigorous R&D process, the first prototype has already proven its performance in long-distance triathlons and through Jan van Berkel's victory at Ironman Switzerland 2023. Savings of up to 25 watts and a stylish statement in competition can now be combined.

Following the initial revolutionary product developments, the AERO Calf Sleeves and AERO Socks, comes an expansion of aerodynamically optimized textiles: a triathlon suit for athletes of all sizes and speeds. This textile product was developed through a 2.5-year-long research and development (R&D) process together with former Swiss pro triathlete Jan van Berkel and the French Rougeot Triathlon Team. Initial prototypes of the suit were tested by 9 team members in training and long-distance triathlons. All the feedback collected was incorporated into the development of the AERO Tri Suit to ensure maximum comfort, particularly concerning seam position and fit. "Swiss Side met my requirement to wear a suit whose fit I don't need to consider during the competition and which is the fastest in the field with the AERO Tri Suit. With this second skin, I was able to focus exclusively on my performance," said Jan van Berkel, winner of Ironman Switzerland 2023.

The human body accounts for 70% of the air resistance on the bike
The goal was to improve the aerodynamics of the human body, which accounts for over 70% of the air resistance when cycling. The new AERO Tri Suit uses special fabrics that are positioned and aligned to minimize the air resistance of the body.

"We have always openly communicated that a first aero upgrade should not be wheels, but a one-piece suit," says Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side founder and CEO. "That’s why it was always our goal, as a leading company of aerodynamic solutions in road cycling and triathlon, to develop a triathlon suit. Today, we are proud to finally bring it to the market."

The AERO Tri Suit delivers a significant aerodynamic performance increase. A reduction in air resistance of between 5 to 15 watts was measured compared to leading competitor products. Compared to a non-aerodynamically optimized suit or conventional road bike clothing setup, the performance gain can even exceed 25 watts.

To ensure maximum aerodynamic performance, the back pockets were removed, and an alternative system was designed. The pockets are instead placed on the front inner side of the suit. This positioning allows easy access to gels, bars, or other smaller items even while cycling and running.

The different fabrics used for the AERO Tri Suit were adapted to body-specific shapes. Thus, intentional turbulence or airflows around the body can be produced, providing an aerodynamic advantage. In detail, this can be explained as follows: When cycling, the so-called "boundary layer transition effect" can be utilized for improved air resistance performance. A turbulent boundary layer, which initially has more resistance than a laminar one, is created by the fabric. Subsequently, the mixing effect of the turbulent boundary layer draws air with higher energy to the body's surface. This allows the airflow to adhere longer to the body, delaying flow separation and thereby reducing air resistance.

Furthermore, comfort-optimized decisions were taken into account in the selection of fabrics. A mix of comfortable and functional materials was used in the upper, front area of the body, with no aerodynamic disadvantages. The fabric used there optimizes the body's breathability, is very lightweight, and does not absorb water. Therefore, the entire suit dries quickly, ensuring good sweat evaporation and general thermoregulation. A tight fabric was chosen for the legs, offering an optimal compromise between lightness, durability, and elasticity.
The entire R&D process and its results were documented in a white paper on the development of the AERO Tri Suit.

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Price & Sizes
The AERO Tri Suit differs in fit between a female and male version. While female athletes can choose sizes between XS and L, the selection for male athletes ranges from XS to XL. Regardless of size, the price is €395.

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