Aero Gravel Wheels, New At Swiss Side

posted by Fabienne Dirksen
January 20, 2022

Swiss Side goes gravel, adding two new gravel wheel models to the range. As with all things Swiss Side, aerodynamic performance has been central in the development, not only with the rims, but also considering tyres. With performance gravel riding and racing growing in popularity, Swiss Side shows that there is a significant performance advantage to be gained with the right setup and publishes all the data in their traditional fully transparent manner.

Key Points:

  • GRAVON 420 deep section carbon aero gravel wheel.
  • GRAVON 250 shallow section aluminium gravel wheel.
  • Aerodynamics in gravel riding do matter:
    • A typical gravel bike setup has around 40W higher overall resistance at 30km/h than road bike, with this penalty split equally between aero drag and rolling resistance.
    • Up to 5W aero drag savings with GRAVON 420 aero gravel wheels compared to standard gravel wheels.
    • Up to 12W aero drag savings just from the tyre choice.
    • In a race like the ‘Unbound Gravel 200’, the right wheel and tyre choice alone can save over 8.5 minutes. To put this in context, the top 4 riders in 2021 finished within 1.5 minutes!
  • Swiss Side conducted extensive wind tunnel testing to compare different gravel wheel and tyre setups. The wind tunnel test report, analysis and explanation of all the data, is published via this link on

“Customers can now make their own informed decision when choosing their gravel wheel setup,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO of Swiss Side. The new GRAVON aero wheels have been thoroughly tested in the wind tunnel and of course on the road with a variety of different tyres and all the data is published on the Swiss Side website.”

Check out the GRAVON 420 and 250 gravel wheels on our product pages.

Have a look at the extensive wind tunnel test report and data.