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Redefining aerodynamics in the cycling industry

Bicycle development projects.

TT // Triathlon Bike

Canyon Speedmax // Development project

Canyon and Swiss Side collaborated extensively to create the fastest triathlon bike ever, the Canyon Speedmax. Drawing from years of aerodynamics research and development, Swiss Side's expertise in CFD analysis, stemming from their background in F1 racing, played a crucial role. Working closely with Canyon and professional triathletes, they sought the ultimate recipe for top-tier aero performance.

Thanks to ongoing collaboration between Swiss Side engineers and Canyon, the bike's aerodynamics were optimized while maintaining an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio. The partnership led to the development of a groundbreaking process in the industry. The frame set's aerodynamic drag was significantly reduced through precision CFD analysis and wind tunnel validation, achieving ambitious goals.

The new Canyon "Speedmax" exemplifies a complete system development approach, featuring integrated hydration and storage, along with a customizable cockpit for optimal aerodynamics. Exhaustive CFD and wind tunnel testing loops were conducted to extract maximum potential, setting a new performance benchmark for triathlon bikes.

Swiss Side's expertise in aerodynamics and Canyon's bike-building excellence resulted in numerous clever aero optimizations, saving up to nine watts (incl. rider@45km/h) compared to the previous "Speedmax" model in wind tunnel testing. The collaboration is one of several "Aerodynamics by Swiss Side" projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of cycling performance.

Road Bike

Canyon Ultimate


We understand that while a bike's weight can be easily sensed when picked up, the appreciation for its aerodynamic benefits is not as straightforward for riders. Nonetheless, we recognize that aerodynamics play a significant role in making a road bike fast, as air resistance is the primary force acting against us in most riding scenarios. Even at just 14kph on a flat road, drag becomes the single most influential factor a rider must contend with, surpassing both gravity and rolling resistance. As speed increases, the power required to overcome drag grows exponentially.

Road Bike

Canyon Aeroad // Development project

For multiple years, Swiss Side’s aero experts have been working closely together with Canyon to develop the new“Aeroad”.One of the most resource-intensive projects Canyon has ever undertaken. The result is the fastest complete system road-bike ever.

“In the Canyon “Aeroad” project, a complete system approach was taken together with the Canyon engineering team,” says Jean-Paul Ballard, CEO and Co-founder of Swiss Side. “The target was clear; to develop the fastest overall bike, considering aerodynamics, ergonomics, stiffness and weight altogether.”

“At the highest level, true advances in aero are becoming harder to come by, yet Swiss Side has the experience, insight and tools to make real improvements,” says Sebastian Jadczak, Director of Road Development at Canyon. “It was fascinating to transfer their aero expertise into our design and engineering to develop the fastest race bike overall with the new ‘Aeroad.’”

Most of the new Canyon “Aeroad” models are equipped with the brand-new DT Swiss ARC 1100/1400 DICUT aero wheels, which have also been aerodynamically developed by Swiss Side. The new wheel collection was launched together with Swiss Side’s own HADRON² Ultimate aero wheel lineup in 2020.

Swiss Side constantly strives to learn, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of cycling performance. The Canyon “Aeroad” is the first of a number of “Aerodynamics by Swiss Side” collaborations which still continues.

Track Bike

Canyon Speedmax CFR Track // Development project

A masterpiece engineered for and with Canyon.

Canyon SPeedmax CFR Track project with Swiss Side

Swiss Side played a crucial role in developing the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track, Canyon's fastest bike to date. This two-year achievement involved 442 supercomputer runs, 312 wind tunnel analyses, and 155 hours of track testing. Collaborating with Canyon's engineers and elite athletes, we meticulously sculpted and perfected every aspect of the Speedmax CFR Track for exceptional aero efficiency on the velodrome.

The bike's success is credited to the input of pro riders, led by 8-time World Championship gold medallist Chloe Dygert. Extensive testing with the Danish national track cycling team shaped the machine into what it is today.

The Speedmax CFR Track excels in various track cycling disciplines. Its standard configuration, optimized for solo events, features a top-notch disc wheelset designed collaboratively for unmatched aerodynamics and stiffness. The unique cockpit, developed with input from Canyon's pro test riders, offers a super-aero and precise riding position. For bunch races, riders can easily switch to the Bunch Handlebar Kit, providing optimal control with a standard handlebar and a lightning-fast aftermarket spoked front wheel for an edge in the pack.

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