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Swiss Side Stories: Daniela Bleymehl

Swiss Side Stories: Daniela Bleymehl


Professional triathlete.

Over 20 years in the sport, 4 long distance wins and a top-10 in Kona. Add in countless podiums, unwavering determination, an infectious smile and her own sport sock designs... And yet Daniela Bleymehl is not “just” a successful professional triathlete and businesswoman, she is also Mum to Marlon and expecting her second child, a little girl, in just a few weeks. While she has made no secret about her desire to return to competition in the future, the next few months will be all about balancing family and sport.
Daniela has been riding Swiss Side wheels since 2018. We take a quick spin to get an insight into the person behind the champion.

Q & A WITH …

Hi Daniela ! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

1. What is your best memory on a bike, in a race or otherwise?

That’s a hard one, there are just so many good memories…
I guess being in second position and chasing for the victory at Challenge Roth, pushing up the famous Solar Hill is really hard to beat.

2. Of the three triathlon disciplines, would you count cycling as your strength?

Yes, I would count cycling as my strength, but also that I am quite a “balanced” athlete in all three disciplines.

3. Hilly or rolling bike courses?

Rolling hills with wind and without drafting possibilities

4. Have you been able to cycle regularly throughout pregnancy?

I have been able to ride my bike regularly, but it didn’t have much to do with my normal training load. It was always nice to be on the bike, but it didn’t feel like “real training” most of the time. It was more about staying healthy and as active as possible and keeping a good feeling. In my opinion, there is no reason to stop if you feel good and there’s a “green light” from a medical perspective – on the other hand there is also no rush or any reason to feel pressured either. The most important thing is to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The time for long rides and hard sessions will come back soon enough!

5. How do you balance family life with training day in, day out?

I guess, it’s the same challenge for every working mother: With children, nothing is plannable and every day is different, but I am lucky to be surrounded by people who are supporting me in the best way possible.
Of course, I want to do my best in both roles – as a mum as well as an athlete. What keeps me balanced is the fact that whether you’ve a good or a bad race: there’s always something more important waiting for you. Seeing family life as a strength rather than a burden can be very energizing.

6. Can you pick three adjectives that would define you as an athlete?

Determined, passionate, perfectionist.

7. And three adjectives that best describe you as a Mum?

Tender, caring, empathetic.

8. What was the best piece of advice you ever received when it comes to cycling?

In Germany there is a proverb: Cycling comes from cycling. ;-)

9. What was the first thing Jean-Paul and the team optimised in the wind tunnel?

The first thing we worked on in the wind tunnel was optimizing my shrug position. It’s a very dynamic process, so you could say a position is never “finished”, but always developing and each time there are things you can improve. It’s a lot of fun and a great privilege to work with the best aerodynamics specialists in the world.

10. Which Swiss Side wheels are you favourite and why?

Of course, there is not better feeling than having your race bike prepared with a disc wheel in the back and a high-profile rim at the front, feeling in good shape and ready for a race you’ve been training for… But my favourite Swiss Side wheels have always been the Hadron Ultimate 485: top aero wheels for every day – whether on the road bike or on my Speedmax – perfect for climbing or descending challenging roads as well as on flat and fast courses.

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