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Rudy Project

The wing development project.

Rudy Project

Aerodynamic TT helmet

The aerodynamics of Rudy Project’s Wing were developed by Swiss Side to ensure the best aerodynamic performance for the broadest range of rider positions. Aided by CFD and wind tunnel testing, both efficient internal cooling and external aerodynamics were developed together to deliver optimum performance and eye-catching aesthetics.

CFD Analysis

The wing

Wind Tunnel Testing

Helmet Project Manager

Norberto Fava

"Our cooperation with Swiss Side has been really smart and productive since the beginning. We closely worked together starting from the design to go through several wind tunnel sessions and CFD studies. Nothing was left to chance. We knew that it would have been a very challenging project, as we wanted to combine an extremely clean design with great fit and comfort, optimal internal ventilation, lightweight, versatility, while maximizing the aero performance. Supported by Swiss Side aerodynamic and engineering knowledge, we could work through evolving iterations and maniacally improve and fine tune every detail. We are all very proud of The Wing helmet. The extremely good numbers we had during our tests have finally become real advantages for our athletes. Thanks Jean-Paul, thanks Swiss Side.”

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