Decals Rim Brake 2022

$19.00 USD

Our decal kits enable anyone to transform their 2022 HADRON² Classics or HADRON² Ultimate wheels. The customer applies these decals directly over the top of the original wheel decals.

All new colour decal kits come with the ‘old style’ cross and stripe decals for those who want to maintain the more bold style of the previous graphics, but to also provide some back-compatibility for matching with older model wheels.

This is a ONE-WAY CONVERSION. Stickers are not removable without damaging the original decals. Warranty does not cover original decals that are damaged due to removal of the decals.

**Please note: Each decal kit has enough stickers to cover ONE single wheel. The kit contains instructions plus three decal sheets: one sheet for each side of the wheel. When purchasing decals for a wheel set please add 2 kits to your cart in the correct size. When ordering decals, they do not come applied; customer will need to do decal application.

Decal color references:

Blue matte: M4-252 Ocean – Pantone 3005C
White matte: M4-301M – Pantone N/A
Green matte: M4-361M grass – Pantone 363C
Yellow matte: M4-330M Lemon – Pantone 102U
Pink matte: M4_381_M – Pantone 1905C
Red matte: M4-341M Red – Pantone 1795C
Celeste: Pantone 3255C